(Day 1) Watch Winter X Games Live Streaming Aspen 2021 Online Schedule
After two decades as host of Winter X Games, Buttermilk Ski Area has undeniably become holy ground for skiers and snowboarders. When the scaffolding is [...]

After two decades as host of Winter X Games, Buttermilk Ski Area has undeniably become holy ground for skiers and snowboarders. When the scaffolding is raised and the lights are turned on, the oft-unheralded Aspen mountain emits a divine-like energy that few in the snowsports world can resist. In addition, there will be an exclusive two hours of continuous recap right on the ABC channel. The recap will take place on February 1st and 2nd where you can opt for the ESPN2 channel to watch the complete X Games 2021 highlights. She rose to fame at the 2018 Winter Olympics at the age of 17, becoming the youngest woman to win an Olympic snowboarding medal. The weekend’s action will start off Friday with the Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle and run throughout the weekend, finishing up Sunday night with a primetime broadcast on ESPN.   Winter X Games 2021 Live Streaming on ESPN, ESPN2, ABC (In the U.S.) Competition gets underway midday Friday with the women’s snowboard slopestyle finals and goes through Sunday night with a trio of events to close out the show, including the men’s snowboard superpipe contest in primetime. Fri, January 29: 10:30 p.m. ET/8:30 p.m. MT: X Games Aspen 2021 (on ESPN2)Sat., January 30, 1 p.m. ET/11 a.m. MT: X Games Aspen 2021 (on ABC)Sat, January 30: 10 p.m. ET/8 p.m. MT: X Games Aspen 2021 (on ESPN)Sun, January 31: 8:30 p.m. ET/6:30 p.m. MT: X Games Aspen 2021 (on ESPN) Watch X Games Live Stream Reddit Free Online Channels Check all channels to watch X games 2021 Online below. Outside of North America (Europe, Middle East, Africa & parts of Asia): Extreme Sports Channel l Highlights: Extreme Sports ChannelEMEA: ESPN Player, ESPNPlayer.comParts of Africa, Europe: ESPN Africa, check your local listings.Denmark: TV2 Denmark, check your local listings.Netherlands: Fox/ESPN Africa, check your local listings.Israel: ONE, check your local listings.Russia, CIS: Viasat Global LLC, check your local listings. l Highlights: Russia ExtremeSpain: TV3, check your local listings.Germany, Austria, Switzerland: ProSieben.Sat1, check your local listings.Finland: Elisa Viihde SportSwitzerland: Swiss TV, check your local listings.Serbia: Arena Sport, check your local listings.U.K.: BT Sport-ESPN, check your local listings.Turkey: S Sport, check your local listings.Latin America: ESPNPlay.com There aren’t too many options live stream the X Games. We’re doing all we can to help you do so, though. If you’re not near a TV to watch the games live, you can watch them online through live streaming. We’ve scoured the internet, and we found the best and most trusted options to watch the game between X Games online. Just like most X games, it will be worth monitoring which players may sit for load management, with coaches looking to rest their biggest stars, especially during back-to-back contests. Fans at the game get the benefit of watching the action firsthand, in the stands, and that’s the best way to do so. However, in case you’re not attending the game, we’ll hook you up with exactly how to live stream the game on the internet, with the best options listed below. X Games Live Stream Reddit 2021 A number of sports fans are now on Reddit to find out how to watch games. There are so many different ways to do so, with streaming options all over the place, and users helping circulate them. The process has links passed along by users, so you can see which have the best video quality to watch all the NBA season games, as soon as they happen. To find them, try searching for X Games season subreddits, and you can find relative links in there. Reddit offers free links, but be careful of the unofficial ones, which could cause threats that could compromise your security. 2021 Winter X Games TV schedule Friday, January 29 EVENT TIME & TV Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle 2 – 3:00 PM ET (X Games YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter feeds, ESPN app) Women’s Ski Big Air 4 – 4:45 PM ET (X Games YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter feeds, ESPN app) Snowboard Knuckle Huck 8 – 8:30 PM ET (X Games YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter feeds, ESPN app) Women’s Ski SuperPipe 9 – 10 PM ET (X Games YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter feeds, ESPN app) Men’s Ski SuperPipeSnowboard Knuckle Huck Encore 10:30PM – 12:30AM ET (ESPN2) Saturday, January 30 EVENT TIME & TV Women’s Ski SlopestyleMen’s Snowboard SlopestyleWomen’s Snowboard Big AirWomen’s Ski Big Air Encore 1 – 6PM ET (ABC) Men’s Ski Big Air 8 – 8:45PM ET (X Games YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter feeds, ESPN app) Women’s Snowboard SuperPipeMen’s Ski Big Air Encore 10PM – 12AM ET (ESPN) Sunday, January 31 EVENT TIME & TV Men’s Ski SlopestyleWomen’s Snowboard Slopestyle Encore 1- 3PM ET (ABC) Men’s Snowboard SuperPipeMen’s Snowboard Big AirSki Knuckle Huck 8:30 – 11PM ET (ESPN) How to Watch X Games 2021 Live Streaming Online  1. DirecTV Now We also have DirecTV Now on the list, where you can watch the X Games. The platform comes with plenty of channels we are sure you will love and is split into seven bundles. Two of these bundles were introduced in Spring 2021, namely “plus” ($50/mo) and “max” ($70/mo), while the other five are “entertainment” ($93/mo), “choice” ($110/mo), “xtra” ($124/mo), “ultimate” ($135/mo), and “Optimo Mas” ($86/mo) have been around for a while, but they have a new name and a new price tag that’s roughly double than it used to be. If you want to customize your plan, you can still do that by adding two Spanish channel packs and three international packs, as well as premium networks. You’ll find that NBC and NBCSN are present in all seven bundles, so you can pick the one you like best for the channels it features or the price. On DirecTV Now, the cloud DVR features only 20 hours of video that can be stored, and there is no way to upgrade the feature. Subscribers also get to stream content to two devices at once, although a third can be added for $5 per month. Also, read the DirecTV Now review, it will give you all the details you need. 2. fuboTV Next up, we have fuboTV, which is one of the best platforms to watch the X Games. It is for those who really love sports, given the high number of dedicated channels. The platform only has one bundle nowadays called fubo ($54.99/mo), but you can go for it without worrying too much, since there are dozens of channels you can get in there. There are also plenty of channel packs and premium networks you can add if you really want to have more to watch. That won’t be necessary for the X games, however, since the fubo bundle already features both NBC and NBCSN, so you’re covered. Moreover, fuboTV subscribers are able to record any content they want, because 30 hours of cloud DVR space are included with the plan. If you want to increase the limit up to 500 hours of cloud space, you will have to pay $9.99 per month. Also, users are allowed to watch content on two devices at once, but a third can be added by paying $5.99 per month. Read our fuboTV review for more details on what the platform has to offer. 3. Sling TV Next up to watch the X Games is Sling TV. It is a great platform that offers loads of customization options to those who seek this in service. There are three bundles you can choose from – Orange ($15/mo), Blue ($15/mo), and Orange + Blue ($25/mo), while more channel packs grouped by interest are available to purchase. Plus, there are also several premium networks you can enjoy. In the Blue and Orange + Blue bundles, you’ll find both NBCSN and NBC, so you’re good to go no matter whichever one of them you pick. In case you want to save any of the content to watch later, Sling TV doesn’t offer any “free” cloud DVR space. Instead, you have to pay $5 per month for enough space for 50 hours of recordings. When you want to watch any content with your whole family, Sling TV has some of the best multiscreen streaming capabilities. Blue subscribers, for example, can stream any content up to three devices at the same time. While Orange + Blue subscribers can stream to four devices simultaneously. Read our Sling TV review for more info. 4. Hulu Live Package Another platform on our list to watch the X Games is Hulu. It is best known for the video-on-demand service it offers. For some time now, they are also offering a live TV plan that costs $44.99 per month. You can customize it by adding any of the two-channel packs or the premium channels. The bundle of channels that Hulu offers also includes NBCSN and NBC, so you can also watch all the Stanley Cup games. Users of Hulu can also record content up to 50 hours of video to the cloud, and up to 200 hours of space can be upgraded at any point in time. The price is roughly $14.99 per month. Live TV subscribers also have the privilege to watch the content on two devices simultaneously. The “Unlimited Screens” feature which costs $14.99 per month gives users unlimited multiscreen streaming when on the home network, and a limit of three devices when out and about. Read our Hulu review for more information on what the platform has to offer. More Streaming Channels for X Games 2021 Tune-in on YouTube X Games YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/XGames/videosFriday, Jan. 29, 2 pm ET, 12 pm MT: Jeep Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle: Watch on YouTube!Friday, Jan. 29, 4 pm ET, 2 pm MT: Women’s Ski Big Air: Watch on YouTube!Friday, Jan. 29, 8 pm ET, 6 pm MT: Wendy’s Snowboard Knuckle Huck: Watch on YouTube!Friday, Jan. 29, 9 pm ET, 7 pm MT: Women’s Ski SuperPipe: Watch on YouTube!Saturday, Jan. 30, 8 pm ET, 6 pm MT: The Real Cost Men’s Ski Big Air: Watch on YouTube! Tune-in on Facebook X Games Facebook Channel: https://www.facebook.com/XGames/Friday, Jan. 29, 2 pm ET, 12 pm MT: Jeep Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle: Watch on Facebook!Friday, Jan. 29, 4 pm ET, 2 pm MT: Women’s Ski Big Air: Watch on Facebook!Friday, Jan. 29, 8 pm ET, 6 pm MT: Wendy’s Snowboard Knuckle Huck: Watch on Facebook!Friday, Jan. 29, 9 pm ET, 7 pm MT: Women’s Ski SuperPipe: Watch on Facebook!Saturday, Jan. 30, 8 pm ET, 6 pm MT: The Real Cost Men’s Ski Big Air: Watch on Facebook! Tune-in on Twitter X Games Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/XGames Watch highlights on ABC X Games Aspen, Anthology Part 1 and 2: Feb. 7, 3 p.m. ETX Games Aspen, Anthology Part 3 and 4: Feb. 14, 3 p.m. ET Best VPNs to watch Winter X Games 2021 On January 28th till 31st January the X games will return to Colorado in Aspen. Along with events such as regular Skiing and snowboard, there will be other exciting events as well. And the venue for the event is the Aspen mountain in Colorado where the fans will not be allowed to watch in the stands. But they can watch the event on online platforms. This is a very popular event so illegal streaming channels should be avoided. What’s more that they are infamously not trustworthy as they can be taken off due to copyright violation. The X Games will be telecasted in many countries, but there are some countries where the channels have geo-restrictions. So, in order to watch the games in these countries, there is a tool that will jump these restrictions. That tool to watch the X games without any restrictions is the VPN of the full form is Virtual Private Network. The VPN spoofs the IP address of the channel where it is geo-blocked in countries. And shows it as a different country. There are a lot of premium VPNs that can help you to relocate to the US and unblock the live streaming channels telecasting the X game at your convenience. We found by several testing that the Express VPN is the best and this is our recommendation There are others in the market that also provide the telecast like NordVPN, Cyberghost and many more. Configuration of a VPN to watch the X games on live streaming is fairly easy and can be set up in no time. All you have to do is just follow these simple step-wise guide given below: Here’s how to watch the live stream of the 2021 X Games online from any part of the world:   First, pick the best VPN service and register for it. For this, you will have to do some research and surf the internet, and check if any provider will give a trial. After you select the VPN service provider an account is created. The ExpressVPN is downloaded and installed. At the moment there is app support for all the operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS, or also the firestick. Nowadays most VPNs are compatible with several platforms.   Click the VPN app and open it. Then connect it to a server situated in America and the IP address is obtained. You can then unblock the channels like ESPN and watch the live stream of the X Games outside the United States of America. Clear the cache and cookies from the browser. This will help the websites to erase the actual IP address and the location. They should then show the spoofed  IP address of the VPN.   Go to your favorite streaming channel and choose a live stream (you may require to sign in for an account). The games should now be unrestricted. The 2021 X Games will be telecasted live and it is better that you check the VPN way before the time. This will allow you to be prepared and not miss even a single second. The winter X Games 2021 returns to Buttermilk Ski Area, Aspen for the world’s best extreme sports, music and festival experience — on snow! The Winter X Games 2021 is scheduled to held from Jan. 29 to Jan. 31 and will be a “strictly televised event. Spectators will not be allowed to attend the fenced-in event in Pitkin County, which will permit a maximum of 500 attendees that include 90 professional athletes, 50 athletic support team members and various production personnel. The 2021 X Games will feature skiing and snowboarding competitions, the event will forgo all motorsports — and it will not feature any concerts like it has in years past, either. X Games Aspen 2021 will feature Men’s and Women’s Ski and Snowboard competitions in the disciplines of SuperPipe, Slopestyle, Big Air and Men’s Knuckle Huck. The Aspen event will also mark the first world-class North American snowboard and freeski event of the season. The full list of athletes can be found on here. You can see the full schedule here. Watching the coverage will vary each day. ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC will broadcast television coverage of various events, while WatchESPN and the ESPN app will carry online streams of other events via ESPN3. X Games Aspen 2021 Schedule Venue Buttermilk Ski Area, Pitkin County, Aspen, Colorado Date January 29-31, 2021 Broadcast ESPN and ABC Live Stream Watch Here The X Games Aspen feature extreme winter sports like skiing, snowmobiling, and of course, snowboarding. Some of the TOP athletes in the world compete for the coveted X-Games GOLD and for the pride of being the best at their sport. Extreme sports have been around for a long time, but a celebration of them all has only been taking place for a little over two decades, so if you want to make sure you can watch the 2021 Winter X Games, then we have you covered. So, don’t miss a single moment of the Winter X Games live action. Don’t worry, If you can’t attend in Norway, we’ll discuss here how to watch X Games online real-time TV coverage. When are the X Games 2021? The X Games 2021 will be held Aspen, January 29-31. The event will take place in Buttermilk Ski Area – Aspen Skiing Company, Colorado. ESPN will have full coverage of all events, starting Saturday with the BMX, skateboard, snowboard, ski and Moto X, however Moto X competitions will make their debut in 2021. What channels to watch X Games? The broadcasting rights to the X Games goes to ESPN and ABC Networks, which are thankfully present on a wide range of online streaming platforms. The channels have a long history of broadcasting the X Games, so it’s not really a surprise. How to watch X Games live online? If one is unable to watch the X Games via TV, streaming could be a viable option instead. The official streaming service for the X Games are ESPN and ABC. They will stream all of the X Games 3 days performances. For those who happen to miss the broadcast in its entirety or specific portions of it, the ESPN and ABC streaming service allows for on-demand viewing option for the fan. The final events of the competition are being broadcast on ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC. If you’re a cord-cutter here are the ways that you can stream the game live. Watch X Games live stream on cable According to the United States Television regulation, all the rights to show X Games 2021 are guaranteed to local broadcasts, ESPN and ABC Network in the United States. You can just check out the every detail about the race on their official website so that you get every detail you need in order to watch the game comfortably from your home. If you don’t have a cable to stream the live action trough ESPN or ABC there a number of other official channels available to watch from. The alternative ways include streaming using your mobiles, desktops, laptops, Android, tablets, androids, and IPad, iPhone and play stations. X Games live on ESPN This is the official platform that enables you to stream the live action of X Games 2021. For you to use the services you must have paid for the subscription the relevant cable compatible provider. ESPN is an ideal option if you are watching it from a cable. However, if you are watching it from outside then it can work for you. X Games live on ABC Networks This essentially the official broadcaster of the X Games 2021. On the ABC Networks, you can watch the live action of the sports, music and festival on snow online or through a cable. Additionally, you can also download the ABC app and stream the live action on a network. The availability of the channel greatly depends on your location. Watch X Games live stream without cable Nowadays, in the digital era, people want to enjoy TV anywhere they go, they want to no longer be tied to their homes if they want to watch their favorite shows, sports games, or various other events. So, streaming services that provide live TV channels seem like the way to go. We’re going to take a look and make a list of all platforms that feature the channels you need in order to watch the Winter X Games. X Games live streaming services 2021 While there are no “official” ways to view the X Games live stream for free without cable, there are several ways that one could go about still tapping into other resources to create a temporary viewing experience without incurring an extra cost. While it may take some combination of luck and signing up for particular services close to the time of the event just to cancel them shortly after, the efforts can still be made nonetheless. The following are some platforms where these strategies could be useful: FuboTV FuboTV is a sports-centric streaming service. It offers a 7-day free trial and costs $19.99 for the first month before jumping up to $44.99 a month. It includes a live feed of Fox in dozens of markets. Overview Bundles Four bundles – fubo, fubo Extra, fubo Latino, fubo Portuguese Customization Channel bundles (Kids, Sports, News, Lifestyle, Hollywood, Heartland, International, Espanol, Comedy), premium channels (HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, Epix, CuriosityStream, Pantaya, UP Faith & Family, Dove Channel, Stingray Karaoke, Outside TV) Device support Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Android TV, AirTV Player, Xiaomi, LG Smart TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, iOS, Android, Fire tablets, Chrome web browser, No PlayStation or Xbox. DVR Yes, 30 hours included, expandable to 500 hours via extra feature; saved indefinitely or until deleted Free trial Yes, 7 days DirecTV Now Allows for the viewing of over 65 live channels at $40/month. In order to take advantage of the free possibilities, one would have to sign up and receive the free 7-day trial. If timed properly, one could watch the majority of the X Games action during the free trial period and cancel free of charge prior to the trial’s expiration. Overview Bundles Live a Little ($35/mo), Just Right ($50/mo), Go Big ($60/mo), Gotta Have It ($70/mo), Todo y Mas ($45/mo) Customization A couple of extra channel bundles, premium channels (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz) Device support Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs, iOS, Android, browsers DVR Up to 20 hours, 30 days limit, no expansions Free trial Yes, 7 days Sling TV At the top of the list we have Sling TV, which is an excellent service that allows users to customize their subscriptions. There are three bundles you can get – Orange ($25/mo), Blue ($25/mo), and Orange + Blue ($40/mo) -, as well as numerous TV channel packs grouped together based on interest, and various premium networks. You can find ESPN, ESPN 2, and ESPN 3 in the Orange and Orange + Blue bundles. There’s no trace of ABC, however, so you’re going to have to do without them. Overview Bundles Sling Orange ($25/mo), Sling Blue ($25/mo), Sling Orange + Blue ($40/mo) Customization Channel bundles (Kids, Sports, News, Lifestyle, Hollywood, Heartland, International, Espanol, Comedy), premium channels (HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, Epix, CuriosityStream, Pantaya, UP Faith & Family, Dove Channel, Stingray Karaoke, Outside TV) Device support Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Android TV, AirTV Player, Xiaomi, LG Smart TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, iOS, Android, Fire tablets, Xbox One, Chrome web browser DVR Up to 50 hours, unlimited storage time. Expandable by another 50 hours with extra feature Free trial Yes, 7 days Hulu TV Allows for the viewing of over 50 live channels at $39.99/month. In order to take advantage of the free possibilities, one would have to sign up and receive the free 7-day trial. Once the trial is up, one could cancel the service free of charge. Overview Bundles A single bundle – Hulu with Live TV – $39.99 per month Customization Premium channels – HBO, Showtime, Cinemax Device support iOS, Android, FireTV, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, Chromecast, Samsung Smart TVs, browsers DVR Unlimited storage space, recordings saved for 9 months Free trial Yes, 7 days YouTube TV YouTube TV includes ABC in addition to over 50 other channels for $35/month. You also get other major networks ABC, NBC, and CBS, plus more. You also get 5 ESPN channels. YouTube TV has everything you need to watch the X Games on its official YouTube channel. Overview Bundles A single bundle – $40 per month Customization Premium channels – AMC Premiere, CuriosityStream, Fox Soccer Plus, Showtime, Starz, Shudder, Sundance Now Device support Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox One, Samsung and LG Smart TVs, iOS, Android DVR Unlimited storage space, recordings saved for 9 months Free trial Yes, 7 days PlayStation Vue The service that got the best score when we reviewed it is PlayStation Vue. This platform offers a great selection of channels strewn over the four bundles it offers – Access ($44.99/mo), Core ($49.99/mo), Elite ($59.99/mo), and Ultra ($79.99/mo) -, as well as a few extra channel packs and premium networks. All four bundles from PlayStation Vue feature ABC, ESPN, and ESPN 2. So, you’ll just have to decide which one to pick based on what other channels there are and the price. Overview Bundles Access ($44.99/mo), Core ($49.99/mo), Elite ($59.99/mo), Ultra ($79.99/mo) Customization Channel bundles (sports, Spanish channels, movies), premium channels (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Fox Soccer Plus) Device support Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android, Roku, PS3, PS4, browser DVR Up to 500 programs, 28 days limit Free trial Yes, 5 days ESPN+ Another option you have is ESPN+. The service was only launched in April 2018 and quickly grew to fame, picking up millions of subscribers. Users get to enjoy the same ESPN app that everyone has, but they can watch all the extra content that’s marked with a golden badge – original content, exclusive events, and more. The subscription costs $5 per month or $50 per year, which is a great offer, especially if you get most of your sports from ESPN. Read our ESPN+ review for more details. How to watch the X Games from anywhere? The X Games can be watched across the world on numerous channels, including Eurosport, for instance. Many of these networks have live streams on their sites, but the problem comes with the streaming sites we discussed. Now, while they’re wonderful platforms, the licensing deals they have to prevent them from opening their sites to people outside the United States. So, if you’re a subscriber and you’re planning on traveling abroad, you’re out of luck. If you have a VPN, however, things will get easily fixed. X Games live on VPNs It common experience when you try watching streaming TV channels like Sling TV, Direct TV Show, NBC Sports, BT Sports, Fubo TV and ESPN Player they prompt you with a geo-error that says the channel is not available in your region. This becomes a challenge when you want to stream a live event online but your geographical region cannot allow you. With VPN (Virtual Private Network) this problem can actually be solved. If you an Indianapolis fan based in Australia, UK or Ireland you can just stream the live event online using the appropriate online channel. The Virtual Private Network primarily help you get the American IP Address and you will stream any live event in America from anywhere as though you are based in America. In a nutshell, a VPN is a way of unblocking the US channels so that you can stream them regardless of your geographical region. Steps to follow and unblock X Games channels outside the US. Just follow these simple step: So, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have your VPN installed and that you’re signed in. Then, you have to pick a server from the United States. There are dozens of such servers on all VPNs, so it shouldn’t be an issue finding one. When the connection is established, you can go ahead and load the platform you picked in the browser, or launch the dedicated app. Find ABC or the ESPN channels and enjoy! X Games live on Smart DNS Proxies This another method that does exactly what VPN does. Smart DNS Proxies bypass any geographical restrictions and offers you a chance to unblock and stream channels outside the restricted area. With Smart DNS Proxies you are able to stream X Games from anywhere you want. Let’s look at how to unblock channels in the United States and consequently stream X games from anywhere. A brief history of the X Games Two years after the appearance of the first Summer, X Games the Winter, X Games began in 1997 in front of an audience of 38,000 people. The big event was first broadcast live on ESPN in 2002. In addition to that the Winter X Games received coverage on SportsCenter. Over the years the event has grown and so have the audiences. During the 2017 Winter ,X Games an audience of 105,000 spectators flocked to Aspen, CO. At it peak the event has drawn crowds of 115,00 people. Global Appeal Extreme sports isn’t something that is confined to United States athletes. In 2003, the X-Games held the Global Championships, an event where competitors from The United States, Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America competed in 11 sports. Furthermore, several Winter X-Games Europe events have been held in Tignes, France, European games have taken place in Oslo, Norway. This years big event will take place at the Buttermilk Ski Area – Aspen Skiing Company, CO. SNOWBOARD SKI SKATEBOARD MOTO X 2021 X Games musical performances Along with world-class action sports competition and athletes, X Games will feature musical performances, art installations and a festival experience. Leading the X Games Aspen 2021 lineup is Grammy nominated producer and electronic music titan Alesso. Over the years the Swedish star has collaborated with chart topping acts like Calvin Harris, Usher, David Guetta, Sebastian Ingrosso, OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, and more, while delivering a bevy of genre bending solo work. In 2014, Alesso released “Heroes (We Could Be)” featuring Tove Lo, which reached #1 on Billboard’s US Dance Club and #11 on the Top 40. These accomplishments have seen him takeover some of the festival circuit’s biggest stages at Coachella, Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnival, and Creamfields, to name a few. Continuing a big year of critically-praised releases, the Swedish progressive powerhouse collaborated with the fast-rising mystery producer SUMR CAMP to deliver a high energy deep house Dance track “In The Middle,” ready for clubs round the world. Garnering 27 Spotify New Music Friday playlists worldwide along with instant radio adds, the track is already becoming a fan favorite. X Games tickets Tickets for X Games Aspen 2021 offer fans a unique experiential fusion of globally leading action sports competition and world-class musical offerings at the GEICO Music Stage. While admission to the action sports competitions and festival village are free to the public, tickets to X Games musical performances start at just $25. Fans wanting to experience all four days of action sports and music, an all-music GA ticket is available for $120. Fans purchasing before Dec. 5 will have the opportunity to access the best ticket-price options. Final thoughts Any looking to watch X Games 2021 live stream, there are a lot of options available. All you need to do is finding out the option and to be specific the site that best works for you and stick to it as you enjoy the Winter X Games event. With the new era of technology, there are always options to stream the actions of the live event. Related
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